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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school


Welcome to the Nursery


Class Teacher - Mrs O'Connor

Nursery Nurse - Mrs Prince

Week beginning 26th March.

Our beans are finally growing! We have used our magnifying glasses to observe the changes taking place.

We have listened to the Easter story this week, so we may be talking to you how about Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday.

 The Easter bunny also visited us with his Bunny Squad from Year Four.  The children took part in an egg hunt and Easter themed games. We all had lots of fun!

On Wednesday we arrived in magnificent style wearing our Easter Bonnets. Well done to everyone for their fantastic efforts. The hats were truly spectacular and the children enjoyed parading them to Reception and Year Two. Everyone received an Easter treat for taking part. Thankyou for the donations to CAFOD.

Our stars of the week this week are Bruce and Gracie. Well done to you both. We hope you have an amazing Easter break with our friends, Digby and Bobby.

Nursery is closed tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday 16th April.

Mrs Prince and myself wish you a very happy and peaceful Easter.



Week beginning 19th March


Our sound of the week is Ff. Thanks to all of the sound hunters that brought in fairies, fingerlings, fire-engines and fishing rods.

Our stars of the week this week are Oliver and Sonny. Well done boys! Enjoy your weekend with Digby and Bobby.

Week beginning 12th March.

This week we have been learning the letter sound Bb. Our sound hunters were out in force and lots of children brought in objects beginning with B. We love seeing what you find.

 We are praying for our beans to start growing and have planted sunflower seeds after listening to the story of "The little seed" by Eric Carle. We are going to have a competition to see who will grow the biggest sunflower.

 You should have received a letter about our Easter Bonnet Parade on Wednesday 28th March. We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic creations and prizes will be awarded for the most inventive!

This weeks stars of the week are; Sophia M and Evelyn. Well done and we hope you have some great adventures with Digby and Bobby.

Week beginning 5th March.

The children enjoyed planting beans this week. We are anxiously waiting for them to grow! Well done for the fantastic costumes on book day. We all had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite story characters.

Our sound of the week this week is Hh.

Congratulations to Conor S and Jack L, our stars of the week this week. Have fun with Digby

and Bobby this weekend.

Week beginning 26th February.


A very snowy week!

We hope you like our photos of our fun in the snow before the school closed.

Week beginning 19th February.

The children had a lovely half term and enjoyed sharing their adventures with us.

Our new topic is " Growing" and we will be planting seeds over the coming weeks. This week we weeded our garden in preparation for planting vegetables. We have sown our potato seedlings and are keeping them warm inside the Nursery as we anticipate an icy blast of cold weather and snow next week.

If anyone would like to donate any packets of seeds, pots, bedding plants or compost we would be very grateful. We are also looking for old pots and pans to use in our mud kitchen. 

Our sound of the week is Uu. Thankyou to all the children that brought in umbrellas, unicorns and a toy wearing a uniform! Excellent sound hunting!

Our stars of the week this week are Sienna. M and Lelia. Well done!


Week beginning 5th February.

This week we have introduced the letter "Ee". Our sound hunters discovered eggs, elephants and empty boxes at home. Well done!

We have also been learning about Islam and the special objects that Muslims use in prayer. We talked about our own special objects and designed a prayer mat.

Well done to our stars of the week, Emily and Rose. We hope you enjoy your half term break with Digby and Bobby.

Week beginning 29th January.


This week we have been looking at how Dentists help us. The children have talked about their own feelings and experiences when visiting the Dentist. They all know how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day and that eating healthy food is good for our teeth.

 When listening to Freddy's sugar story we were astounded to learn that one can of fizzy pop contains 10 teaspoons of sugar!


Our letter sounds this week are C c and K k. Thankyou to the children that brought things beginning with those sounds into school. Keep sound hunting at home! We love to see what you can find.


 A polite reminder that Nursery sessions start at 8.30a.m and 12.30 p.m.


Digby and Bobby are looking forward to going home with our stars of the week Sophia D. and Monty. Well done ! 

Week beginning 22nd January


We came into Nursery to find our reading corner had been ransacked and our name cards were missing. It was time for our young Detectives to investigate! We looked for clues, gathered evidence and dusted for fingerprints in the hope we would find the culprit!  The next day a letter arrived demanding we leave six bananas in the postbox if we wanted our name cards to be returned. How strange!

 We did as asked and on Friday discovered that two cheeky monkeys had eaten all the bananas and were fast asleep under the table. Crime solved! We have let the monkeys stay at Nursery as long as they promise to behave! 


Our letter sound this week is O o. Thankyou to the children that brought in things beginning with these sounds from home. keep sound hunting!


Our stars of the week this week are Betsy and Jack R. Well done to both of you and we hope you have a great time with Digby and Bobby.

Our crime scene investigations and sensory fun with the letter and sound Oo

Week beginning 15/01/18

We have had another busy week in Nursery. The children have continued to enjoy their roleplay in our Nursery Hospital.

Today we had a very special visitor! Dr Gemma Constable came to talk to us about her job as a G.P.

She explained how bugs that give us coughs and colds are spread when we do not put put our hands in front of our mouths when we sneeze. She brought along Bobby the balloon to demonstrate and when he sneezed the bugs and germs covered us all! The children pretended to be Doctors and took temperatures and listened to heart beats through a stethoscope. We all learnt a lot.

Thankyou Dr Gemma!


Our stars of the week this week are  Rowan (Nursery a.m.) and Florence (Nursery p.m.) Well done to both of you! have a lovely weekend with Digby and Bobby.




We would like to say a big welcome to our new children that have started in January. After just two weeks they are all settled and are making a positive impact on our Nursery class. They have embraced our routines and are having lots of fun making friends and exploring our activities. 

Our topic this half term is People who help us and the Emergency services. We have talked about the Fire service and Hospital staff so far. The children have loved playing doctors in our roleplay Hospital and are developing very caring bedside manners!

Last Friday we all organised a Welcome party. The children had great fun making chocolate crispy cakes and decorating party hats. We had a lovely time sharing food we had made and playing party games. It was a very exciting end to the week!

We have introduced a star of the week for each session and Austin and Ivy took Digby the Mole and Bobby the Bulldog home with them to spend the weekend. They took some wonderful photos of their adventures. We are looking for new stars this week!

Week ending 15/12/2017


Nursery have been busy, busy, busy this week!!. We have done so many exciting things in the build up to Christmas but we have still learnt lots. Our new sound this week was the letter 'M' and we looked lots of different objects that begin with this letter. We've concentrated very hard on our shapes, even though it has been rather difficult with Jingles the Elf being around as he keeps causing lots of mischief!!!!. The nursery playground was COVERED in snow and we were lucky enough to get to see it. On Wednesday we got to dress up in our Christmas jumpers and had so much fun taking lots of pictures with our friends. Baking and decorating is one of our favourite activities and this week we had to decorate biscuits to make them look like Santa. Jingles caused lots of mayhem in the nursery this week. He knocked over the Christmas tree, he brought a bike inside, he borrowed some children's coats and hats and he even wrapped his friends up in tape so that they couldn't move!!!. Jingles had an exciting two weeks in nursery and caused lots and lots of mischief, but sadly he has to go back to the North Pole to talk to Santa about the children in Nursery. He has left the children a little goodbye present and a note. We will be sad to see him go, but we had lots of fun with him and we even taught him the right thing to do.


Dates for your diary.


Monday 18th December - Christmas party day. Each child is to bring in a small plate of party food and a small carton of drink clearly labelled. Please ensure that there are NO NUTS. The children are to wear their school uniform but please no book bags.


Tuesday 19th December - Children who attend nursery in the morning will come into nursery at 9.30 with their guests.


Children who attend nursery all day on a Tuesday will come to nursery at 9.30 but their guests will arrive at 1.30 pm.


Children who attend nursery in the afternoon will come into nursery at 1.30 with their guests.


There will be no lunch club on this day.

Week ending 8/12/2017


We had a very special visitor come to visit us in the nursery this week. He has come all the way from the North Pole and his name is Jingles the Elf. Jingles is one of Santa's little helpers and he has come to keep an eye on us during Advent to make sure that we are all being kind to each other and listening to Miss Sheridan and Mrs Prince. Jingles is a bit of a naughty elf sometimes, he keeps doing mischievous things in the nursery. You will have to have a look at the pictures below to see what he has been up to. The children have been looking at the sound 'N' this week and have learnt a few new words that begin with this letter such as ' naughty' for Jingles the elf. We have been learning about advent and the Nativity and learning the meaning behind Christmas. We were very lucky to make Rudolph cakes this week and we hope that they tasted delicious!!!. Have a lovely weekend.  


Dates for your diary:


13th December - Christmas Jumper day

18th December - Christmas Party day

19th December - Parent/Child activity day

20th December- Nursery Closed.

Week ending 17/11/2017


This week we have been exploring the letter 'T' and the sound that it makes. The children had fun using different resources to see how they can form the letter 'T' and some children even brought in objects from their homes that start with the letter 'T'. Our book this week was ' The Rainbow fish'. We enjoyed listening to the story of the rainbow fish and learnt a lot about sharing and being kind to our friends. The children drew pictures of their favourite part of the story and we all decided that it is very kind to share and be nice to our friends. We explored colour mixing with our hands this week. The children got to choose two different colours and guess what colour they thought it would make. They then rubbed their hands together to mix the colours to see if they were right. Outside the Nursery this week there has been gardeners. They were using their wheelbarrows to fill and empty different materials. We enjoyed watching them and decided that we too were going to be gardeners and use our wheelbarrows to move the blocks and leaves around the Nursery.


Dates for your diary.


Friday 24th November: Own clothes day - Please bring in a bottle for the bottle stall.



 Week ending 10/11/2017


We have had lots of fun in Nursery this week!!. At the beginning of the week we learnt all about our new phonics sound which is the letter 'A'. The children had lots of fun trying to identify different objects around the Nursery that begin with the letter 'A' and some children even brought in special objects from their homes that begin with the letter 'A'. We had lots of fun getting messy in the foam  trying to hunt for the letter 'A' and we used marbles in the playdough to roll out the letter 'A'. We even had bags filled with slime and had to try and form the letter 'A'.


The children have learnt all about 'Elmer' this week. We read the story and had to try to remember the order in which the story went in. We explored all of the different colours on Elmer's patchwork and got to design our own patchwork elephant. We have been focusing on 'Shape' this week, looking around our Nursery environment and trying to identify all the different shapes. We used the paint to print different shapes onto pieces of paper, putting the shapes in the correct places. We had a treasure bag that was filled with all different shapes. Without peeking we had to put our hands in the bag, pull out an object and try to identify what the shape was just by counting the corners and sides. It was really tricky but we were all fantastic at it!!.

                                                                                        Welcome back!


We hope you had a good rest after a lovely first half term settling in Nursery. The children have had a very busy week getting to know Mrs O'Connor and Miss Sheridan. This week the children had lots of fun making firework splatter paintings and creating rockets using their knowledge of 2d shapes. We learnt our first phonic sound this week which is the letter 'S'. It would be lovely to see some photographs of the children finding different objects beginning with the letter 'S'. We got very messy exploring the patterns that we could make in the foam. We finished the week by talking about bonfire night and firework safety. We hope the children enjoyed decorating and eating their firework biscuits. Have a lovely weekend.

Nursery Fun this week

 Philosophy for Children - P4C


You may heard about P4C, Philosophy for Children, from older children within the school. This is something that was introduced earlier in the year and that the whole school, including the Nursery take part in. It is easier to recognise how older children are able to have in-depth discussions and conversations and ask difficult questions; but when you're only three and cannot yet form a question or when asked a question say something random that's not linked to the topic, it can seem almost impossible.

At the heart of philosophical discussion is the skill of giving reasons for answers, but sometimes even the concept of a reason can be difficult for very young children to grasp. So in the Nursery we have been paying a lot of attention in becoming "Becausers". Where answers are extended by a "because" for example "How can you tell the little boy was sad?", answer, "Because he was crying." 

To help us understand this within the Nursery we've used games, pictures and most recently a book as stimulus. You can try this at home, it will extend your child's language, listening, understanding and empathy towards others.


I Did Nothing Today - A little something for the mums and dad's