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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school


smileyWelcome to Receptionsmiley

Classroom teachers: Miss Garnett, Miss Fox & Mrs Murray

Nursey Nurses: Mrs Coppola & Mrs Senk



Welcome Meeting


Big Talk posters will be given out fortnightly on a Monday. Please complete this with your child for that week's Friday.

Impact goes out fortnightly on a Friday.  Please complete for following Friday. 

Phonics goes out on a Monday. Please return by Friday.

Weekly reading please ensure you read with your child every night (as much as possible) and update the reading journal with comments based on the focus. This helps us to choose and set books tailored for your child's progress. This is alongside the group words which are to be returned on your child's reading day. 


If your child's books are not returned on time then they will miss out on the tasks/spellings and/or given back out again. 

There is more information about what is expected on the 'Reception Homework Timetable' at the bottom of this page.



 Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled as it helps the children to identify and encourages responsibility for their own belongings.

Lost property boxes are located by the year 2 classrooms- please make sure if you need to access the lost property that you gain entry via the office so they are aware of who is on site at all times.

Phonics Workshop

Parent Workshops - February

Welcome back Reception!


We hope you all had a lovely relaxing Easter holidays. The Children have enjoyed their first week back and have been very busy learning all about Dinosaurs! They have been doing still life dinosaur drawings, colourings, paintings and tracings of them! They have also been digging for Dinousaur bones in the sand, counting them in groups of 10, creating dinosaur fact files and have made their own Dinosaurs using 2D shapes!


We have lots more to learn so if anybody has any Dinosaur related things they no longer use we would be most grateful for any donations :)


This week the children have enjoyed learning about St Patrick's day and decorating traditional Irish symbols! We have been looking at the World map and have been learning about the UK and comparing it to other countries. The children have enjoyed reading 'The Everywhere Bear' and following him on his journey!

Book Day

Book Day 1

The children have had a wonderful week celebrating World Book Day and it has been great to see how enthusiastic they all are about books even though they are only 4 & 5!

Thank you for all your support with the costumes, book sale and photos of your children reading in unusual places!


We have also had a busy week preparing for Mothers day (we hope you like your cards mums) and we hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend! frown


Love the Crayons.


The children really enjoyed using their super powers to free the animals that Ice man trapped in ice cubes! They used warm water, cold water, salt, rubbing and digging methods to try and free them as quickly as possible! Thanks to their fantastic team work and their amazing super powers the animals are now safe and back to their homes! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

The children performed lots of superhero balances and all made a great effort to avoid the Joker during our superhero 'close the door' game!



The children loved learning about magnets! They explored lots of different objects made from different materials and used them to make flying superheroes! Some of the things they discovered that are magnetic were: paper clips, staples, scissors and coins. They then experimented some more and stuck the magnets to the filing cabinet and the table legs! 

I wonder what magnetic things you have at home?


Celebrations 1
Celebrations 2

This week we have started our new RE topic 'Celebrations'. We have been sharing lots of different celebrations we have had and we will all be sharing our photos next week! Thank you to everyone who has handed in a photo of a celebration already. 

Welcome back Reception! - We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Over the last couple of days the children have been introduced to our new topic 'Superheroes'. We have spoke about well known superheroes, made up our own superheroes, played superhero races, painted superhero pictures, played superhero games AND we even dressed up as superheroes! We have lots more to learn during this term so we will be super clever by the end!no



We have been very busy in Reception preparing for Christmas this week. We have been making Christmas cards, tree decorations, calenders and angel decorations. The children have had lots of fun and are VERY excited!

We will be having lots more Christmas fun next week and our Christmas party (Don't forget your plate of party food - please remember not to bring in any nuts or eggs due to allergies)!



Picture 1 We made some space port holes!
Picture 2 We made some space port holes!

5   4   3   2   1.........BLAST OFF!


In reception we have started learning about our new topic space! We have made space passports, have visited space in our rockets and we have been using non-fiction books to find out lots of facts about space. We know that there are 8 planets, there is no gravity in space, the sun is the biggest star, four planets have rings around them, Jupiter is the biggest planet & Neptune is the coldest because its the furthest away from the sun! What facts do you know about space parents?


The children have been taking part in lots of art activities and have created some fantastic pictures of our solar system! We have lots more to learn too so please WATCH THIS SPACE!



We're Going On a Bear Hunt


Over the last two weeks the children have had lots of fun reading and learning about the story 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt'!

They know the story off by heart and were able to describe the sounds that happen in each scene! They described the bear, acted out the story, made up their own story and predicted what would happen next! The children also did lots of drawings and paintings! We hope you enjoyed hearing all about it smiley



***We hope the children have enjoyed their first half term in Reception and we look forward to seeing you all after the holidays! Please remember the children need to be wearing their winter uniform after half term.***


Black History Month

This week in Reception we were learning about Black History Month. We learnt what Black history month is and why we celebrate it in October. We also learnt about some famous black people and played the drums!! 


African Drumming

African Drumming 1
African Drumming 2

Curriculum Evening - Wednesday 11th October


Thank you to all the parents who came to the curriculum evening and had a chance to look around our classrooms!


We displayed each topic the children learn about throughout the year with an example activity they will take part in. We have also displayed key questions & other areas they will learn about!


Our Topics are:

All about me





Under the Sea

Our Topics

Our Topics 1
Our Topics 2
Our Topics 3
Our Topics 4
Our Topics 5
Our Topics 6
Our Topics 7
Our Topics 8