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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school


smileyWelcome to Receptionsmiley

Classroom teachers: Miss Garnett, Miss Fox & Mrs Murray

Nursey Nurses: Mrs Coppola & Mrs Senk




Big Talk posters will be given out fortnightly on a Monday. Please complete this with your child for that week's Friday.

Impact goes out fortnightly on a Friday.  Please complete for following Friday. 

Phonics goes out on a Monday. Please return by Friday.

Weekly reading please ensure you read with your child every night (as much as possible) and update the reading journal with comments based on the focus. This helps us to choose and set books tailored for your child's progress. This is alongside the group words which are to be returned on your child's reading day. 


If your child's books are not returned on time then they will miss out on the tasks/spellings and/or given back out again. 

There is more information about what is expected on the 'Reception Homework Timetable' at the bottom of this page.



 Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled as it helps the children to identify and encourages responsibility for their own belongings.

Lost property boxes are located by the year 2 classrooms- please make sure if you need to access the lost property that you gain entry via the office so they are aware of who is on site at all times.

Welcome Meeting

Parent Workshops - February

Phonics Workshop

***Please remember to come to school tomorrow  Saturday 14th July at 12pm for our Parish Fete and dancing. You need to be in your school uniform with your plimsolls on. ***


smileyWe look forward to seeing you all having lots of fun tomorrow!smiley

This week we enjoyed a picnic with our teddies at our teddy bears picnic!

We had great fun and we made sure we took good care of our special friends.


We have also started to practise our Collective Worship which you will be able to come and watch on Thursday 19th July - Please continue to learn lines at home. 


The children had a fantastic time at our School Fete and Sports Day this week. They all showed excellent teamwork skills and there was lots of excitement! They have also been enjoying the sunshine and their last few weeks in Reception.

We hope you all had an enjoyable time at our events too!


If any parents managed to get any photos of any events at the reception sports day could you please email them to admin - Thank you.


Remember it is the church Fete next Saturday where we will be performing our country dancing - Please arrive promptly at 12pm frown

This week the children had a fantastic time completing circuits with Gianni Frankis who is a British athlete. There were lots of smiles and the children demonstrated great levels of energy and sportsmanship.Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and encouraged them!

We also went to celebrate the feast day of St Peter and Paul at St Thomas of Canterbury Church. The children behaved brilliantly and were a credit to our school. A special thank you to Niamh and Oliver who took up the offertory for us beautifully. 




This week we really enjoyed our first school trip to the 'Sealife Centre'. We saw Otters, Penguins, Sharks, Meercats, Turtles, Clown fish, Jelly fish, Giant Tortoises and lots more! We learnt some very exciting facts about star fish and we even got to touch one! Did you know that they have an exoskeleton & they squeeze out their tummy to eat the food and then suck it all back in?

We were lucky it was a very sunny day so we also got to go to the beach. We collected shells & even saw a crab!


"I enjoyed touching the star fish" - Beau


" I like it when we saw the sharks in the tunnel" - Grayson


"I loved it when we found the crab on the beach!" - Amelia


"Touching the star fish was really fun" - Evie-Rose


"Seeing the sharks and all the other sea creatures was good" - Henry P


"Everthing!" - Noah


Thank you to all of the parents who helped us. We had a wonderful day and we hope you did too!


Please have a look at some of the snapshots from our day.......

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41
Picture 42
Picture 43
Picture 44
Picture 45
Picture 46
Picture 47
Picture 48
Picture 49
Picture 50
Picture 51
Picture 52
Picture 53
Picture 54
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58
Picture 59
Picture 60
Picture 61
Picture 62
Picture 63
Picture 64
Picture 65
Picture 66
Picture 67
Picture 68
Picture 69
Picture 70
Picture 71
Picture 72
Picture 73
Picture 74
Picture 75
Picture 76
Picture 77
Picture 78
Picture 79
Picture 80

We also went to mass to celebrate the feast of St Antony and we made our own fish hats to represent the fish he spoke to in Rimini.

Picture 1

This week we enjoyed spending some time with the new baby chicks from nursery! They came to visit us for an afternoon and we had lots of fun holding them and watching them jump around the classroom! We celebrated the Royal Wedding and came to the end of our dinosaur topic! 


After half term our new topic will be 'Under the sea/Pirates'. If anybody has any donations that link to these we would be very grateful. Please could you all bring in old egg boxes too as we need them for an under the sea activity! 


Thank you for your co-operation. We hope you all have a very sunny and restful break.


Picture 1
Picture 2

We have had a VERY busy week this week. We have made dinosaur teeth using salt dough, dinosaurs using paper plates and we have been exploring with dino slime! We have been doing lots of work on doubling and halving in Maths and we have been writing book reviews and looking at similarities and differences between books in English.  


The children have also been preparing for the Royal wedding by making cards, decorating cakes, design wedding outfits, writing invitations and even making their own love potions! We hope you continue the celebrations over the weekend!


Please note that no new phonics homework will be given out on Monday 21st of May as we will be revisiting last weeks sounds due to SATs week at school.





We have started to practise our country dances for St Thomas’ Summer Fete. The children have been very enthusiastic and keen to learn their class dance. Lots of children have suggested moves and they have all tried really hard to skip (please encourage them to practise). If you will not be able to attend the Parish Fete/Country dancing on Saturday 14th July 2018 then please inform your child's teacher as soon as possible. 


This week the children have been using a number line to add and takeaway, they have been building dinosaurs using different shapes and they have been writing nonsense poems! 


smileyWe hope you have a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend! smiley



This week we have been reading the book 'How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?' The children have  been very interested in the book and found the things that dinosaurs do to say 'I love you' very funny! They came up with lots of other ideas and all managed to complete their very first BIG WRITE!  Keep up the great work Reception we are very proud of your writing!  smiley

The children have also been learning lots about shapes this week and have started to make up some moves for their country dancing. 

Welcome back Reception!


We hope you all had a lovely relaxing Easter holidays. The Children have enjoyed their first week back and have been very busy learning all about Dinosaurs! They have been doing still life dinosaur drawings, colourings, paintings and tracings of them! They have also been digging for Dinousaur bones in the sand, counting them in groups of 10, creating dinosaur fact files and have made their own Dinosaurs using 2D shapes!


We have lots more to learn so if anybody has any Dinosaur related things they no longer use we would be most grateful for any donations :)


Our Topics are:

All about me





Under the Sea

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