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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Please see below the classes we have and the members of staff who teach, support and care for the children in our school.


STAFF LIST – September 2017/18


Miss Chris Curtis                     -           Headteacher


Mrs Claire Nairne                   -           Deputy Headteacher / Assessment Leader


Ms Aneta                                 -           Nursery Teacher


Miss Jo Garnett                      -           Reception Teacher                                  Class RG


Ms Charlotte Fox                   -          Reception Teacher                                   Class RF

Mrs Alice Murray                   -           Reception Teacher                                   Class RF        


Mrs Antoinette Davis            -           Yr 1 Teacher                                            Class 1D


Miss Louise Wells                            Yr1 Teacher                                             Class 1W


Ms Heather Ford                    -           Yr 2 Teacher                                             Class 2F


Ms Pauline Clarke                   -           Yr 2 Teacher  /English KS1                     Class 2C


Miss Angela Green                   -           Yr 3 Teacher                                          Class 3GS

Mrs Philippa Shanks                -           Yr 3 Teacher                                          Class 3GS


Mr Michael  Blooman            -                Yr3 Teacher                                        Class 3B


Mrs Nicola Courie                     -           Yr 4 Teacher                                          Class 4C


Mrs Gemma Anderson             -          Yr 4 Teacher                                           Class 4A


Mrs Anjali Johnson                    -           Yr 5 Teacher                                          Class 5J


Miss Tracey Osei                     -           Yr 5 Teacher / SENCO                            Class 5OC

Miss Christine Cook                -           Yr 5 Teacher                                           Class 5OC



Mrs Natalie Astrella                  -           Yr 6 Teacher                                             Class 6A


Miss Emma Smith                       -           Yr6 Teacher                                            Class 6S


Teacher Assistants 

Mrs Sabrina Prince      -           Nursery                                  Mrs Eileen Gillan         -           Yr1      

Mrs Karen Senk           -           Reception                                 Ms Danielle Hurd         -             Yr 6

Mrs Sarah Coppola      -           Reception                                 Mrs Pat Simmonds   -              Yr5

Mrs Jackie McCann     -            Yr2                                          

Mrs Jackie Hillier-Daines -       Yr4/6

Mrs Anne Macavoy     -           Yr1

Mrs Caroline Kennedy -          Yr4                                         

Mrs Bernie Parker       -           Yr2

Mrs Laura Beales        -           Yr6

Mrs Eileen Bramley            Yr3     


Learning Support Assistants


Mrs Colette Cooper (Senior LSA and Parent Support Advisor)                  

Mrs Sharon Parker (Speech & Language) 

Mrs Jane Atwood                                             Mrs Eileen Gillan                         

Mrs Amanda Papapetrou                               Mrs Laura Beales                      Mrs Eileen Bramley

Mrs Pat Simmonds                                          Mrs Jane Drinkwater              Mrs Jackie Hillier Daines

Mrs Bernie Parker                                           Mrs Gemma Jacobs                Mrs Caroline Conroy

Mrs Jackie McCann                                         Mrs Nicola Brooks                  

Mrs Danielle Hurd                                           Mrs Bambia Verdant


Music Instructor

Mrs Jenny Ewington



Mrs Caroline Ewen



Mrs Angela Odunsi – School Business Manager

Mrs Wendy Crawley– School Office Administrator

Miss Carly Hart – Office Assistant(

Mrs Teresa Hayes –Office Assistant (Friday mornings)

Mrs Patricia Simmonds- Office Assistant


Welfare Assistant

Mrs Maria Hudson – Mid-day Supervisor / Nursery Assistant

Mrs Teresa Hayes


Mid-day Assistants

Mrs Teresa Hayes                   Mrs Bambia Vardent               Mrs Nicola Brooks      

Mrs Berin Halil                        Mrs Caroline Conroy                Mrs Caroline Kennedy        

Mrs Charmaine Lea                 Mrs Cecile Hung Han Yun       Mrs Linda Jethwa  

Mrs Monika Barr                        Mrs Tracy Kelly                              Mrs Jane Jones



 Mr E Zeolla