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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors' section. 


School Governors 


Mrs Norma Collicott (chair)


Foundation Governors
Mrs Pauline Elkin,  Mrs Teresa Harper Mrs ClaireYiannokou, Mr Pascal Giraud, Mr Damian Atkinson


Parent Governors

Mrs  Emma Sinnamon

Mrs Kerry Ducry


Headteacher Governor

Miss C Pampellonne


Staff Governor
Mrs Natalie Astrella


LEA Governor

Mr T Hobbs


Clerk to the Governors
Ms Karen Mount


Most Governors make informal visits to the school. However, each term a Governor is appointed to visit the school officially and report back to the next Governors’ meeting. In addition each class has a nominated Governor who will follow that class, as far as possible through its school life.


The Trustees, Governors and Local Education Authority


The Trustees, Governors and the London Borough of Redbridge Local Education Authority have separate distinct responsibilities with regard to the provision and maintenance of the buildings and other facilities at the school.


The Trustees are the Order of the Friars Minor. The Governing Body consists of nine Foundation Governors appointed by the Bishop, two elected Parent Governors, one elected Teacher Governor, one elected Non-teaching Staff Governor and two Governors who are appointed by the Local Education Authority.


The Governors have overall responsibility for the buildings, appointment of staff (except kitchen staff) admission and curriculum. The London Borough of Redbridge have with a few exceptions, the same responsibility to us as they have to their own State schools.