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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school

Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!

We hope you will find our class page interesting and useful.  Please check this page weekly to find out valuable information as well as what the children having been up to!


Mrs Johnson - 5J      Ms Ford - 5F

Mrs Hillier-Daines

Important Dates

Mill Rythe Residential Trip - Monday 1st to Friday 5th July


Thursday 25th April

Thursday 2nd May

Thursday 9th May

Tuesday 14th May

Thursday 16th May

Tuesday 4th June

Thursday 6th June

Thursday 13th June

Thursday 20th June

Tuesday 27th June


Week ending 26th April

Welcome back.  We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather.  As always we have a very bust term ahead so please see our curriculum map which sets out what we will be covering.  In particular, we are very excited about swimming - please check the dates above and our trip to Mill Rythe at the beginning of July.

Week ending 29th March

Year 5 have been working really hard on their production of Robin Hood and are really looking forward to performing it to you on Tuesday 2nd April.

The performance will begin at 7pm but we request that all children arrive at school between 6.30 and 6.40 so that they can get changed and arrange their props.

The children will also be performing to the rest of the school that afternoon so siblings at the school will be able to see it then.

Each child will be given two programmes for you for the performance.  These programmes act as entry tickets so please bring them with you that evening.

As always, many thanks for all your help with learning words, getting costumes together etc.

Week ending 1st March 2019


Our first week back has meant Robin Hood practise has begun! We've been learning actions to the songs and the beginning of where to stand; how to say our lines and how to make sure our body language matches the events at that moment. It's hard work! 


In English, we've started reading Kensuke's Kingdom in our 'Reciprocal Reading' sessions and the characters have to make a big decision that will impact on their lives. To help make this decision, we've begun to discuss the importance of a balanced argument to weigh up the positives and negatives of either choice before making a decision. Our big write this coming week is our own balanced argument of our own choice. Some ideas include:


Should wearing school uniform be banned?

Should motor vehicles be banned from towns and cities?

Should dogs be kept on leads in parks?

Should children be allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Should the school day be lengthened/shortened?

Should children in KS2 have an afternoon break?

Should children have homework?

Should children play videogames?

Is it alright to purchase any items you want with your own pocket money?

Should children be allowed to keep pets?


Obviously your own ideas are acceptable too. As long as you can think of arguments for both sides of the debate!

w/e 15th February

Maths - We have been turning fractions into cubes, we found it quite confusing but in the end we managed to work it out. Also, we are comparing fractions of the same size and it was really fun trying to work it out. We really like maths !!!

English - We’ve been reading the Lady of Shalott and creating our own verse of what we think will happen next. We found the poem really interesting and fun. There were lots of cliff hangers and we wanted to find what would happen next.

RE- We have been learning about the Muslim religion and all the traditions they have. We have been writing step by step storyboards about what they do! We all find listening to what Muslims do interesting.

Year 5 is really fun!


To learn all the words from the song for Robin Hood and the script.

Enjoy your half-term and have fun!!! ( school starts back at 25th Feb)

Written by Alannah D and Alannah W

Week ending 9th February 2019


The weeks are flying by and are extremely busy! This week we completed our big write: a non-chronological report about recycling. This has been our Mission in our RE topic this half term and this will continue when we return to school with a school-wide recycling push led by year 5 children. 


We've continued to practise the songs for Robin Hood and beginning to sing more confidently and with actions too. The hard work has begun to pay off already and we cannot wait to start practising the acting after half term too.


Think of a world without any flowers

1 Think of a world without any flowers,
think of a wood without any trees,
think of a sky without any sunshine,
think of the air without any breeze.
We thank you, Lord, for flowers and trees and sunshine,
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.


2 Think of a world without any animals,
think of a field without any herd,
think of a stream without any fishes,
think of a dawn without any bird.
We thank you, Lord, for all your living creatures,
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.


3 Think of a world without any people,
think of a street with no-one living there,
think of a town without any houses,
no-one to love and nobody to care.
We thank you, Lord, for families and friendships,
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.




For the beauty of the Earth    (This tune but different words, tune starts at 32 seconds)

For the beauty of the earth
We give to God our praise.
He has giv'n us his whole creation
Now and for always.
We have flowers and exotic food
From Countries far away
We have fuel and technology
To help us day by day.



But the earth belongs to our children,
It's not ours to destroy.
They will need its scarce resources,
To use and to enjoy.
And do we take the daily bread

From the children of the poor?
Do we poison the very world
Which could give them so much more?


For the beauty of the earth
We give to God our praise.
He has lent us his whole creation
Cherish it always.
We can learn to be fair in trade
And pay what goods are worth.
Show we care for the next generation,
Live more lightly on the earth.

Week ending 25th January 2019

Written by Tilly

This week in maths we learned about multiplying in grid method with 1,2 and 3 digit numbers. In RE we did lots on re-cycling and Mr Zeolla and asked him about re-cycling for research. At the end of the week we helped write a script for our collective worship and everyone enjoyed our third curiosity Friday!

Week ending 18th January 2019

Written by Charlie K

We wrote amazing detailed stories in our at big write we had to write a prequel story to the poem The lady of Shalott. We have been doing a lot of singing with our play Robin Hood coming up and have had some practising are songs we have had some great singers practising if they want to audition for a solo on Tuesday we look forward to are play which we are practicing very hard for. Hope you have a nice weekend. Thank you ! 

Week ending 11th January 2019


Well, what a busy first week back! We've completed the initial singing session in preparation for our end of term production, investigated the effects of air resistance upon a falling parachute and began our new project in English upon the narrative poem, 'The Lady of Shalott'.


We've also introduced the new 'reading challenge' for year 5. Spend the next twelve weeks reading a varied spectrum of texts to broaden your reading horizons but also challenge yourself to trying something new and possibly trickier to understand. As discussed, the only way to get better is to practice and increase the level of challenge. So enjoy beginning your challenge this weekend! In case you lose the reading challenge sheets/suggested book list- there's a copy in the files at the top of this webpage.


Big Write notes went out this Friday- writing the prequel to 'the Lady of Shalott' and why/how the Lady was cursed. If you're looking for a copy of the poem then please copy and paste this into your search bar and the poem should load.   



Week ending 30th November 2018


It's been such a busy week in Year 5 this week! We've been completing our Big Write- giving advice to Bradley to help him enjoy school more. We've learnt about squared and cubed numbers and completed an investigation using these. We made place value sliders to help with multiplying and dividing by 10.

Here's an investigation using factors to solve. Have a go yourself and see how you'd work it out!

PE has been focusing on fitness and children completed a bleep test this week.



Week ending 23rd November 2018


Well the Christmas season began this week with a trip to the pantomime 'Rapunzel'. Year 5 had a great time, enjoying every minute from the choc ice to learning how to do the 'hand jive' or should I say 'hand dryer'! Take a look at the picture below to see how excited the children were for the show to begin! 

Our RE topic this week was Judaism and we learnt about how some Jewish families celebrate the Passover festival. We learnt about the symbolism of the items on the 'Seder plate' which tells the story of the Israelites being freed from the Pharaoh. Our next topic in RE focuses upon an important story within our Catholic faith: the Christmas story as Advent begins soon. 

Picture 1

9th November 2018


This week we've been working hard on our writing skills, improving our big writes from last week which were a non-chronological report about South Africa. We've identified features that were needed to be included and edited our reports accordingly. 


We've also begun a new book called 'There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. Our next big write task is to create a diary entry as the main character, Bradley Chalkers. The story so far has been uploaded below so you can reread it to help you create your notes. 


Some children were very brave and helped Ms Ford with leading prayers on the step on Friday morning. Despite the microphone running out of battery, the children lead reflections about Remembrance Sunday and the meaning of the symbols associated with this day. 



Due to technical difficulties, the mymaths homework didn't show up last week for lots of children. The deadline has been extended as this week's homework so hopefully it works smoothly now! Please let your class teacher know if yours still doesn't show up. 


There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom chapters 1-3


We have had a very busy week in Year 5.  We began our new science topic on forces with a forces drama workshop - the children had a lot of fun experimenting with forces using their own bodies!  Father Quentin came to visit us on Tuesday and spoke to the children about commitment, vocation, marriage and ordination.  We celebrated All Saints Day with Mass at St Thomas's.   In maths we began a new topic, statistics, in which the children have been interpreting tables.  Next week we will look at timetables and line graphs.  We have also been preparing for our Big Write which will take place on Monday due to our first session of Curiosity Friday which began today and which we are all very excited about!

Week ending 19th October

We have had a very busy half term.  The children have worked really hard and earned a well- deserved break.  Over half term we have not set mymaths or reading comprehension.  The children should continue to read every day and practise their maths on Sumdog.  We have also given the children a Big Write task and they will be tested on the year 3&4 and 5&6 spellings, that we have done so far, after term term.


Week ending 12th October

Thank you to all those parents who attended our Mill Rythe information evening.  Please see above for a PDF of the powerpoint which was used.  If you have any questions please just ask us.  Letters and forms regarding the trip will be sent out shortly.

The children have been very busy solving word problems and reasoning activities in Maths this week.  In English, we are enjoying our new book about Naledi and Tiro travelling to Johannesburg on their own!

Have a restful weekend.  We look forward to another packed week of learning next week, our last one before half term.

Week ending 5th October 

Well done to 5J for a very informative and enjoyable Collective Worship.  You all did yourselves proud.

Parents, please ask the children about the workshop we had in the hall this morning.

In maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction with more than 4 digits using the column method and, in English, we are just beginning a new book -Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo.  Please see below the Big Write task for next week.

Week ending 28th September 2018


Please see above for our Year 5 Welcome Meeting powerpoint (saved as PDF file). 

This week, the children have enjoyed writing and performing playscripts based on the Greek Myth, Odysseus and the Cyclops. Then they converted their scripts into direct speech using speech punctuation. Finally, they wrote a newspaper article based on the events in the story and included witness statements.

In maths, children have been exploring negative numbers and finding the difference between different temperatures. 

Week ending 21st September

Delving further in Ancient Greek myths, we discussed why Polyphemus and Odysseus acted in the ways in which they did.  Please ask your children to enlighten you further.  The children have begun to research the lives of the Ancient Greeks so that they can develop a reasoned argument as to why it would have been better to be a man or a woman in Ancient Greek times.  Please see this week's Big Write below.

Week ending 14th September

It has been great to see both classes settle down so well since the start of term.  Learning is at full pace now.  The children had an exciting day last Friday building a replica of the Parthenon and we will post photos of that soon.  We have been looking at Greek myths and the children have written their own myth, which we are looking forward to reading.  In maths we have focussed on palce value up to 10,00 and are currently reading and writing Roman Numerals up to 1000.

Please take a look at the homework schedule as it is really important that the children do their homework and that it is handed in on time.  This is good practice for later life and is necessary as the homework we set reinforces what the children are learning in school.  Have a lovely weekend.