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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school

Useful information

Plan for September 2021 - following consultation with all stakeholders


School day start time


Soft start ‘drop and go’ for all classes.

School gates will open at 8.40am and be locked at 9am (except Fridays)

Fridays – prayers & birthdays on the front playground at 8.45am – parents welcome to join us (from 10th September 2021)

School day end time

Years 1 to 6






School gates for beginning and end of day

We will continue to make use of all gates.


Back gate Friary Lane


Middle gate Friary Lane

Year 1

Front gate Mornington Road (collect from playground)

Year 2

Double gate at front Mornington Road (collect from playground)

Year 3 

Double front gate Mornington Road (collect from playground)

Year 4

Middle gate Friary Lane

Year 5

Back gate Friary Lane

Year 6

Back gate Friary Lane

PE Kits

Come to school in PE kit on PE days

Parent Consultations

Autumn meetings will be online

Spring meetings will be in school with an opportunity to look at your child’s books prior to the meeting.

Home learning

Will be set online in Google classrooms with a book to record learning and be marked by class teachers (variations for Nursery and Reception classes).


Served and eaten in the hall.

Reception to Year 2

12 -1pm

Years 3 to 6

12.30 -1.30pm


Rec, Year 1

Front playground

Year 2 and 3

Middle playground

Years 4, 5 and 6

Back playground

Curiosity Fridays

1.30pm to 3pm every Friday

Jigsaw PSHE

KS2 every Friday

12 -12.30pm

EYFS & KS1 every Friday

1 -1.30pm

Collective Worships

Monday am

Whole school assembly

Thursday pm

Class assemblies in phases on alternate weeks including golden book

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Collective worship in class

Attendance Policy 2021-22



Regular attendance at school is important and Redbridge is determined to improve attendance and to reduce unauthorised absence at all its schools. St Antony’s Catholic Primary School adopts the Redbridge recommended Attendance Policy; absences will be authorised for a maximum of 3 days, and only granted for circumstances defined as exceptional by the policy, (not holidays). Please see the Attendance Policy.


Unauthorised Absence

The Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) from the Local Authority, closely monitors pupil attendance and a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of up to £120 may be issued for unauthorised absence.


Leave of Absence

All requests must be made before the absence and accompanied by a completed form (from the School Office). Please read our Attendance Policy for more details.



Please do not send your child to school if s/he is unwell, but phone the school on the first day of absence. If a child becomes unwell during the day we will contact you if they have a raised temperature, have been physically sick or obtained an injury that requires a hospital visit. Minor accidents and injuries are dealt with by a trained member of staff and recorded using 'Medical Tracker'. All accidents and injuries suffered at school are reported to and monitored by the Governing Body.


Administration of Medication


Parents are generally encouraged to schedule their child’s medication so that they don’t need a dose during the school day. For example, a child who is on antibiotics to be taken three times a day can usually take all three doses outside school hours.

If, however, your child does need medication during school hours, the following guidelines must be followed.

1. Only prescription medication should be brought into schools. This includes antibiotics, asthma inhalers, AAIs , insulin syringes and so on.

2. Medications must be brought into schools in their original container, as dispensed by a pharmacist, labelled with your child’s name. They must include instructions for administration, dosage and storage, as well as possible side effects. In some cases, schools will accept written instructions from a parent,

3. You must provide written consent for your child to be given the medication.  You will need to complete our Administering Medication in School form every time your child brings a new type of medication to school; it’s also likely to be reviewed annually.

4. All medications must be in date.

5. You must collect any leftover medication that your child no longer needs, or medicines that have passed their expiry date, from the school. This should be done routinely at the end of every term.



Administration of Medication in School FORM

Data on Ethnicity, Nationality, Language or Country of Birth.Jan 2017

Communication and Parent Involvment

At the start of each year teachers provide information about the curriculum and other activities planned. There are two organised opportunities for parents to meet with teachers about their child’s progress and extra meetings can be arranged through the school office.


A written profile is sent home every summer term to report on achievement. Parents are invited to help in the school in different ways supporting the curriculum or with fundraising.



The School Day


8.40am - 9.00am                           Soft start - pupils arrive at school




Key Stage 1/2 Playtime.



EYFS and Key Stage 1 Act of Collective Worship. (Each class says Grace before lunch)



Key Stage 2 Act of Collective Worship. Lunchtime



EYFS and Key Stage 1 Registration.



Key Stage 2 Registration


2.30 – 2.45pm

Key Stage 1 Playtime (flexible timings)



Act of Collective Worship. (Night prayer is said.) End of school day.


Behaviour Expectations

The emphasis is on the development of self discipline, a skill which we aim to nurture through clear boundaries and expectations. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collective responsibility.


The school has developed our behaviour policy which is available for you to read. We also aim to teach children to say sorry and forgive, knowing that this means to be sorry and move forward.

Statement for Parents

On the Use of Reasonable Force

If staff become aware of, or have a need to be involved in, situations where a child may be at risk of hurting themselves or others, or if the behaviour of a child seriously disrupts good order in the school or causes damage to property, staff may need to take steps to intervene physically. In such circumstances staff will follow the school’s policy for dealing with such situations. Any parent wishing to view this policy may do so on request.



Equal Opportunities

St. Antony’s is committed to providing a broad and balanced education for all children, regardless of race, culture, gender, ability or disability, as far as resources permit.

We realise that our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and we are sensitive to the needs of the child who may not have experienced the traditional family unit. Every child is unique and special and the school strives to meet the spiritual, academic, emotional and social needs of each one. We encourage our children to believe that every avenue in life is open equally to all. As part of our global community, we wish to foster attitudes of tolerance, understanding and respect for all humanity. The values of equality and justice are gently nurtured. Being aware of the many cultures, religions and traditions around us, the children are encouraged to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the rich tapestry of life.



Steps to Prevent Disabled pupils from being treated less favourably

Following discussions with the parents before admission, the Headteacher will seek to put in place a strategy to ensure that any child with disability is treated no less favorably than any other pupil. A similar approach will be taken in respect of any child who becomes disabled when already a pupil of the school. The Headteacher will ensure that the class teacher of any disabled pupil are fully briefed to enable the pupil to receive proper tuition.