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St Antony's

Catholic Primary School

God is at the heart of our school

Year 4

 Year 4

Miss Miller and Mr Cossey


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Important Dates


  • PE days

        4M -  Thursday and Friday 

        4C - Thursday and Friday

  • Polling day (remote learning) - 5th May
  • Kidzania trip - 12th May


English and VIPERS


This half-term we will be looking at Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit in English and VIPERS. Her book is a story about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. 




This half-term we will be continuing to look at decimals, where we will build up rounding, estimating and converting between decimals and fractions. Afterwards, we will look at money - how to count, add, subtract and give change. Finally, we will start looking at time. We will look at converting between different time measurements and how to read analogue and digital clocks (both 12 and 24 hour).

Science - Electricity


This term we will be looking at what common electrical appliances, how they they're powered and how this power is generated. Furthermore, the children will look at constructing and drawing electrical circuits. Using the correct vocabulary, children will conduct investigations.



Key scientific vocabulary includes:

Electricity, battery, cell, current, conductor, insulator, circuit, motor, buzzer, switch, voltage, socket, mains electricity, battery electricity, appliance, lamp, electrical circuit, closed circuit, open circuit. 



History - The Romans


This term we will be looking at the Romans. Our learning will be made up of three lines of enquiry, which are:

  • When did the Romans invade Britain and why? 
  • Did the native Britons welcome them or resist them?
  • How did they influence the culture of the people already here?


Key historical vocabulary includes:

Historical period, source, chronological, Prehistory, civilisation, settlement, culture, artefact, archaeology, tribe, trade, invade, conquer, emperor, centurion, warrior, Caesar, governor, Boudicca, Celtic, clan, Iceni, rebellion, defeated, peasant.




Geography - The UK and Italy.


This term we will be comparing and contrasting the UK and Italy. We will locate Italy on a map and examine how this will impact its geography. We will learn and compare the human and physical geographical features between the two too. 



Key geographical vocabulary includes:

Climate, source, population, volcano, earthquake, economic, peninsula, enclave, tropic, ocean, mountain, temperature, river.



Be attitudes reading challenge


Be the change you want to see. 

Be healthy. 

Be humble.

Be organised. 

Be considerate. 

Be understanding. 

Be disciplined. 

Be responsible. 


This year we are having another big focus on our be attitudes. Throughout the year try to read 4 books from each be attitude or all of them if you can! When you finish a book, ask your teacher to mark it off. 

Happy reading! :) 

Fancy a challenge? 


Do you love reading? Do you love speaking about the books you've read? Are you looking for book recommendations? 

Try the CBBC book club!


You can write book reviews, enter into book debates and even get recommended a book of the month! 

I can't wait to hear all about it!